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By pledging to be a Food Day Canada partner, we agree to promote Canadian ingredients and people in the food system with the spirit of the Food Day Canada celebration by adding a special menu or feature on July 31st, 2021 in the spirit of FDC

How to participate?  

1. Create a Food Day Canada menu or special feature  

  • Create All-Canadian menus or special features on July 31st.  (Don’t forget to use Canadian ingredients for everything).   
  • Use special signage, social media or contests to bring attention to your efforts.  
  • Use #FoodDayCanada and we will help promote your restaurant and encourage people to come visit or order from you on July 31st.  

2. Shine a Light 

On July 31, 2021, shine a light to show your support! This will create a wave of red and white lights across timezones to go along with major icons being lit up in red and white from coast to coast.  

Do you have a building or structure that could be lit up red or white or both?  Think creatively!  We’ve had airplanes, large buildings and Niagara Falls lit up in the past.  Share your plans with us. 

Individuals – Encourage your team and social circles to get involved.  At 9:00 p.m. on July 31st turn on those lights.  Through windows, on balconies, front porches or fields, wherever you are, turn on your flashlight on your phone or other lights.  If there’s an icon lit up near you, take a road trip and take a pic with it! 

3. Share your stories and pictures with #FoodDayCanada

Tell us about your event, menus, food, and people or why you’re shining your light for Canadian food and farming and the great people who make it happen using #FoodDayCanada.  

Contribute a picture, story, menu, feature recipe or video to Food Day Canada for a featured spot on the website and social.

Pre-record a message of gratitude or food demo maybe even with friends, family or community in a short 2–3-minute video vignette. 

Share your stories about your family and local food possibly using recipes from Anita Stewart’s books or recipes, or any previous FDC contribution.

Invite your friends and colleagues to join in too!   Share this invite.   

Follow and tag us on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter using #FoodDayCanada.

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Shine a Light on Canadian Cuisine - Pledge Canadian 2021