Abruzzi, London, Ontario

Abruzzi ExteriorChef/Owner Dave Lamers is inspired by the flavours of the Italian countryside but his real passion springs from growing up on a farm, collecting the freshest eggs and helping in the garden here in Canada.

Now a veteran of Food Day, we first met when he was a newly-graduated young cook on Prince Edward Island where great seafood was down at the dock and fresh produce was just out the backdoor – they “made it so easy to get excited and learn about how important it is to use seasonal ingredients because you can’t compare the taste of a sweet pea fresh from the garden then one shipped from out of the country.”

Abruzzi pasta

At Abruzzi, in downtown London, Ontario he makes everything on premises —  pastas, gelati, pancetta, guanciale and an array of desserts. His brother’s butcher shop in Woodstock supplies all the meats, including 28 day dry-aged beef,  which are sourced from 100 miles around that community.

The fish comes from Organic Oceans,  a B.C. fishermen’s cooperative that have started a distribution company. He has been using flour from Arva flour Mills about 15 minutes from the restaurant for their bread and fresh hand-made pastas.

The ducks are sourced from Everspring Farms in Ilderton. 20mins from the restaurant. In season he gets 90% of his vegetables from a organic farm called Loco Fields from Stratford. He purchases bison comes from Blanbrook Bison Farms in St. Mary’s and writes  that “it’s free range antibiotic free and is the most tender luscious meat I have ever had.”

He is absolutely strident about using vegetables and fruits that are in season. “You will never see a piece of asparagus or a strawberry in my fridge in the winter, our peaches are from Niagara and when they are in season we use them.”I think it’s so important to cook that way because it gives guests and the chefs in the kitchen something to look forward to every season. As winter rolls around you want to start using all the roots and cabbages, then as spring comes its time to get excited again about fiddle heads, asparagus, radishes and morels.” 

Local wineries – Lailey, Tawse, Pondview, Burning Kiln – all find their way onto the Abruzzi list from time to time.



Loco Field Heirloom Tomato Salad                                                                                                
roasted, dehydrated & pureed heirloom tomatoes, organic greens, local burrata
Niagara chardonnay & herb vinaigrette

House-made Bison Pastrami                                                                                   
brined, sous-vide & smoked Blanbrook Farms Bison Brisket, Beau’s beer mustard
foraged pickled ramps, sour dough toast, Gunns Hill Handeck cheese crisps

Bevery Creek Farms Lamb Prosciutto Cotto                                                                                    
Conquer Farms mint & pea puree, Sungold organics radish & pea shoots
whipped house ricotta


Duo of Your Family Butcher Shoppe Beef                                                                                    
150 Day In-house Dry Aged Beef Strip Loin & braised beef cannelloni
Shogun maitaki mushrooms, Denboer Farms celery root puree, organic pearl onions
Sungold organic kale, Tawse Cab Merlot reduction
add red wine marbled Quebec foie gras torchon to steak 12.

Wild Nunavut Arctic Char & Conquer Farms Sweet Corn ‘Chowder’                                   
Loco Fields organic new potatoes, house-made pancetta, grilled sweet corn, celery
carrot, sweet corn puree

Little Sisters Pasture Raised Chicken                                                                                             
Loco Fields roasted heirloom carrots, baby fennel & fennel puree
NorQuinn quinoa salad, tarragon oil, hen jus


Peaches & Cream
house-made sweet corn gelato, cornbread crumble, whiskey anglaise, peach cake
peach fluid gel, 40 Creek spiked Niagara peaches, & caramel corn

PEI Wild Blueberry ‘Pie’
pie crust crumble, whipped cream, blueberry meringues, fresh & macerated blueberries blueberry fluid gel, blueberry snow, house-made sour cream gelato.

Contact Abruzzi at the number below to reserve your Food Day Canada table.

Contactez Abruzzi directement, au numéro ci-dessous, afin de faire votre Journée des terroirs réservation.

119 King Street,
London, Ontario, N6A 1C3

T: 519-675 9995


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