Les Jardins Sauvages, Saint-Roch de L’Achigan, Quebec

Les Jardins, Les Jardins Sauvages, Jardins Quebec, Canadian cuisine, Saint Roch de L'Achigan, canada food, canada recipeOne of the neatest restaurants in Quebec, Les Jardins Sauvages, is owned and operated by Chef Nancy Hinton and forager/farmer François Brouillard. Aside from being a country eatery, they create and sell a line of products derived from wild plants and mushrooms at a farmer’s market stall at Marché Jean Talon in Montreal. Nancy Hinton, Chef at Les Jardins Sauvages

Chef Nancy Hinton, a winner of the University of Guelph Innovation Award, grew up in Quebec City and trained under the tutelage of Quebec’s star Chef Anne Desjardins. Nancy writes: I first set foot into his ‘table champêtre’ in ’93 as a guest chef, when it was a casual meeting place for friends, foodies and chefs, a laboratory of sorts. For the following years, I would take my autumn vacation time to stage our wild mushroom event, which has since become a wild success. At the end of 2005, I took the reins of his kitchen, readily realizing that there was no better place to cook. Low key, but real, with quality at my fingertips. This was slow food, terroir, locavore and ecolo – before and beyond all the buzz words. I was embracing the philosophy, while for François, it was just the way you did things. As a team, we now showcase these local and unique ingredients in tasting menus on the weekends. The menu changes weekly and is a set prix fixe, five to seven courses, bring your own wine.

Taught by his grandmother, Brouillard has been picking weeds as long as he has been walking and talking. He began selling them using the slightly more attractive term “wild edibles”, as a sideline for his organic farming business. When Normand Laprise of Toqué discovered him at the market in the early 90’s, he encouraged François to focus on the wild stuff and collaborate with chefs. With the help of Normand, Anne Desjardins of L’Eau à la Bouche and Daniel Vézina of Laurie Raphael, the pioneers of Quebec Regional cuisine as we know it, he was the first to put wild edibles from fiddleheads to spruce tips to milkweed pods onto the market and menus of Montreal’s top restaurants. He has now been in business for 28 years.

August 2nd, 2014

Quebec fish and marine greens:
St-Alexis trout with sea parsley and marine plantain, smoked eel from Kamouraska with cucumber and sea lettuce, duck egg, sea rocket and hot pepper, milkweed broccoli tempura, wild ginger Massawippi miso

Cattail broth with corn, fresh ricotta gnudi
with sea spinach and sumac, Lobster mushrooms

Rare seared venison from the farm,
wild salse-verde with crinkleroot and garlic mustard leaf, daisy buds and leaves, La Métayère cheese shards, smoked pickled hen of the woods

Spit roasted piglet with our wild steak spice and cloudberry bbq sauce, cabbage, lambs quarters and lovage slaw, potato eggplant and giant puffball pave with bacon

Option : Quebec Cheese plate – a selection from the region, chutney and homemade bread
(100g for two; 20$ supplement,10$ per person)

Wild blueberry, elderberry and saskatoon berry clafouti with sweet clover flower and Black American walnut, wintergreen ice cream with Labrador tea maple syrup

Tea, coffee
Wild leaf & flower tisane, Fair-trade espresso
(4$ supplement)

85.00$ tax included, service extra
(73.92 + 3.70 GST + 7.38 PST)

Bring your own wine

Your chef: Nancy Hinton
Your host and forager: François Brouillard 28 years the pioneer in Quebec wild edibles


Menu Journée des Terroirs*
2 Août, 2014

Poisson d’ici et plantes marines : Truite
de St-Alexis et persil de mer, plantain,
Anguille fumé de Kamouraska, concombre et laitue de mer, Œuf de canne, caquiller
de mer et piment fort, tempura de brocoli d’asclépiade, miso au gingembre sauvage

Bouillon de quenouille et maïs,
gnudi au fromage blanc, arroche de mer et sumac, champignons Lobster

Tataki de cerf du domaine, salse verde sauvage aux feuilles de carcajou et alliaire, feuilles et boutons de marguerite, copeaux de Métayère,
poule des bois fumées marinée

Méchoui de Porcelet, sauce bbq au chicoutai,
salade de chou à l’ arroche de mer et livèche, pavé de pomme de terre, aubergine, bacon
et vesse de loup géante

Option: Assiette de fromages Québécois
(100g pour deux personnes, supplément de10$ par personne)

Clafouti de bleuets sauvages, amélanches et sureau aux fleurs de mélilot, noyer noir d’Amérique, glace au thé des bois
et sirop d’érable au thé du labrador

Thé, café
Tisane maison, Espresso équitable
(supplément de 4$)

Apportez votre vin

85.00$ taxes incluses, service en sus
(73.92 + 3.70TPS + 7.38TVQ)

Votre chef : Nancy Hinton

Votre hôte et spécialiste de plantes sauvages: François Brouillard, pionnier depuis 28 ans

Les Jardins Sauvages is one of about 250 restaurants that celebrate Food Day across Canada. Contact them at the number below to reserve a table.

Les Jardins Sauvages est l’un des 250 restaurants à travers tout le Canada qui participent au Journée des terroirs. Contactez Les Jardins Sauvages directement, au numéro ci-dessous, afin de faire votre réservation.

Les Jardins Sauvages, Quebec food Les Jardins Sauvages
17 Chemin Martin,
Saint-Roch de L’Achigan,
Quebec H4A 2G8
T: 450 588 5125


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