Scozia @ The Breadalbane, Fergus, Ontario

Breadalbane Peter EggerThe Breadalbane Inn has been a fixture in the food life of Wellington County for decades. The food is what owner Peter Egger (at left), has dreamed of…interesting and delicious.  The country-style dining room has recently given way to Scozia, (Pronounced “Scot-zia”) is Italian for Scotland.  And the change is a good one.  The Breadalbane chefs are well versed in both local ingredients and fine Italian cooking techniques.  In the stone walled dining room with sunshine washing across the expanse owner Peter Egger observed…”It always has looked a bit like Tuscany”.   Breadalbane Pork Belly

Wellington County is known for it’s great agriculture.  Small to medium sized suppliers abound. There’s local venison, great pork, free run chicken and top notch beef that’s dry-aged so it’s tender and delicious…the way it’s supposed to be.  The potatoes are dug locally at Smoyd Farm  and many of their dairy products come from Mapleton’s Organic Farm in North Wellington.

But there’s also pasta made with Arva Flour, a heritage mill north of London, Ontario and fish from Lake Erie. The spicy charcuterie comes from Guelph.  The roasted pork belly (at right) called pancetta di maiale is served with salsa verde and smoked tomato pepper jam over a chickpea and fingerling potato salad.  You’ll find perfectly baked pizzas – crumbled feta cheese tops the campagnolo pizza which is also strewn with sea salt and peppery arugula. And there’s an Egger-inspired wine list.  Peter’s winemaker dinners are becoming legendary.

The Fergusson Room, their pub in the same building has 21 beers on tap and an impressive Scotch list and it’s a hopping place throughout the week.  On Highland Games weekend…well, there’s nothing quite like it!

Scozia @ The Breadalbane Inn is one of about 250 restaurants that celebrate Food Day across Canada. Contact them at the number below to reserve a table.

Scozia est l’un des 250 restaurants à travers tout le Canada qui participent au Journée des terroirs. Contactez Scozia directement, au numéro ci-dessous, afin de faire votre réservation.

Scozia at The Breadalbane Inn
487 St. Andrews Street West,
Fergus, Ontario N1M 1P2
T: 519 843 4770


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