Lẽna, Toronto

Anthony Walsh, the creator of Lẽna, is one of the originals.  Early in his career he realized how important Canadian cuisine was to the entire Canada brand and pursued it relentlessly creating restaurants like Canoe and participating in every event that had anything to do with local regional and national ingredients from the three Canadian Chefs Congresses to Foodstock.  He is truly a pioneer.  

So when he opens a fine restaurant – it spans three floors at the Saks Fifth Avenue flagship store at Yonge & Richmond – to pay tribute to his Argentinian mother-in-law, Elena, I am certain that while Leña’s cuisine showcases the vibrant essence of South American cooking, with unique Spanish and Italian influences, the Canadian ingredients he uses will be the best available.  His Food Day Canada menu will be a lesson in how our culinary story continues to evolve.

Food Day Canada 2017

Argentinian Clam Bake
Nova Scotia lobster, charred tomatillo, purple potato, salsa creola

Lẽna is one of over 250 restaurants that celebrate Food Day across Canada. Contact them at the number below to reserve a table.

Lẽna est l’un des 250 restaurants à travers tout le Canada qui participent au Journée des terroirs. Contactez Lẽna directement, au numéro ci-dessous, afin de faire votre réservation.

176 Yonge St.,
Toronto, ON M5C 2L7

T: 416-507-3378

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