Brasserie T!, Montreal

brasserie_t-6137From Normand Laprise and Christine Lamarche, the creators behind fellow Food Day restaurant Toque!, and also in Montreal, comes the sleek, urbane Brasserie T!, a similarly enthusiastic take on fresh and accessible food. The menu keeps it simple, with a focus on ingredients instead of on adjectives. Brasserie T! is also at the center of the cultural district where culinary art meets the performing arts and symbolizes the free spirit of Executive Chef André Sterling.

Christine Lamarche writes: “The menu is astonishingly simple while offering superb quality signed Toqué! At a glance – homemade charcuteries, fresh oysters and garlicky sea snails, tartars, decadent french fries, Montreal sausage, bavette, silky smooth salmon with dill, seasonal dishes and much more.

Dessert are lovely…. Paris brest, fruit tarts and homemade ice cream and sherbets.  The friendly prices range from $2 to $20. It’s ideal before, during, after shows, lunch, for a break and all other occasions to have a good time.”

Brasserie T!  will be offering the Journée des terroirs menu for a few days prior to August 5th.  

It is a great privilege to have Normand and Christine and their restaurants as part of Journée des terroirs / Food Day Canada !  For more details on what they are doing at Toque for August 5th check this link

Menu FOOD DAY CANADA 2017 - Brasserie T

Brasserie T! is one of about 250 restaurants that celebrate Food Day across Canada. Contact them at the number below to reserve a table.

Brasserie T! est l’un des 250 restaurants à travers tout le Canada qui participent au Journée des terroirs. Contactez Brasserie T! directement, au numéro ci-dessous, afin de faire votre réservation.

brasserie_t-6426Brasserie T!
1425 Jeanne-Mance corner Ste-Catherine,
Montreal, Quebec
H5B 1E4
T: 514 282 0808




Photography by Hans Laurendeau, Shoot Studio.

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