World renowned culinary historians Eleanor and Terry Scully of Waterloo

are are “having a family gathering (8 adults and 4 children age 4-14, at last count, on the Civic Holilday weekend at our family cottage on the shores of Paudash Lake near Bancroft, Ontario. We’ll be cooking on a propane gas oven indoors and timed so we can still all enjoy the water and countryside safely in a densely wooded area and hope that our bear cubs do not come around. The grandchildren would be thrilled to see them but G’ma likes to go down to the water safely. Our menu allows for easy long cooking which allows time for good fellowship. Scallops wrapped in bacon and asparagus rolls ups for appetisers. A large 8lb. roast of peameal cornmeal wrapped bacon (purchased at Waterloo Farmer’s Market), marinated in cidre and herbs and packed in a paste of cracker crumbs, dry mustard. brown susgar and sherry. Cooked and basted frequently in cidre and herbs. Scalloped potatoes, fresh beans. salad with fresh cauliflower, lettuce peppers, olives,Cdn Feta cheese etc. with a vinaigrette/herb dressing. Home made sweet bread rolls with the meal.Dessert will be chocolate crepes filled with ginger cream and fresh Ontario peaches (also from the market) topped with whipped cream. Various beer and wines of course and coffee and tea. Sources of supply? Waterloo County Market, St. Jacobs. and fresh veggies from roadside stalls wherever we happen to be passing, maybe from the parking lot at the LCBO in Bancroft. This time of year is precious, copious fresh foods are available almost everywhere.”

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Author: Anita

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