Well known garden-writer Sonia Day shares her BBQ notes:

Old friends (couple with 14-year-old daughter) visit us every year from Montreal. We’re joined by our neighbour, Anne and her four kids, aged from 12 to 18. It’s a ritual now: we sit on the deck, gab and drink, kids swim and squabble in our pond (although the older ones now prefer to watch videos indoors). Normally, it’s plain stuff that kids like – ie hamburgers and potato salad – followed by desserts like pie, ice-cream and chocolate zucchini cake (but of course we don’t tell the kids there’s zucchini in it) I grow my own potatoes and onions and zucchini. I get locally-made ice-cream (from Mapletons) and beef raised without antibiotics from Rowe’s. Wine is always Canadian. Not enough people drink our wines, which are terri

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Author: Anita

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