Verenna Finlay

Hi Anita, great hearing you once again on CBC. Your interview with Jeff on Fresh Air inspired me to enter the Canadian BBQ 2007. Unfortunately this year our numbers are down just my husband and I. But after listening to you I planned a BBQ for 2.

We are retired up in Oliphant close to Lake Huron set in the trees and will BBQ a Canadian dinner for 2.

I will cook up small new potatoes from a market garden in Port Elgin. Par-boil them for 15 min and put on some salad dressing to marinate until dinner and my husband will put them on BBQ to brown up.

We will cook a pork tenderloin which I will put a paste of canola oil and dijon mustard with some Waterloo County Maple syrup added to it and leave for the afternoon and then put on grill.

We have a small garden and will take out some lettuce and tomatoes from the garden add a few carrots that were Ontario grown and toss up a salad. Not sure if I have any of the Ont peas that I picked up at the market garden for an additional vegetable.

I’m planning on making a bacquette in my bread machine which I will top with poppyseeds. If I get ambitious this morning before it gets hot I will make a Blueberry pie with some Northern Blueberries that I have in the freezer. We will top if off with some Ontario Wine.

I’m sure with it being just the 2 of us we will have lots of leftovers. But it is a long weekend who knows we just might get unexpected company.

Thanks Anita love hearing from you on the CBC.

Verenna Finlay

24 Creeks Side Cres

R R 3 Wiarton, On.

N0H 2T0

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Author: Anita

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