Vanessa Currie, potato promoter extraordinaire from the University of Guelph, also loves to cook. This is how she describes her party and its very unusual theme

It will probably be just the family, unless some wayward appetites venture by.

The land, sea, and air of Canada is our theme.

Land will include sirloin kebabs with a trio of dipping sauces, from the English, French, and ethnic flavours.

Sea will be whatever fresh (or smoked) fish we can find in inland Guelph, so it might be Great Lake instead.

Air will be the wings of Canadian chickens, with maple syrup glaze.

Very special homemade fries will be made with Sapphire potatoes. Fresh vegetables will provide a salad, and fresh fruit, dessert.

Most items will be purchased from the Guelph farmer’s market through local suppliers. Sirloin beef comes from Paisley Choice in Guelph. Sapphire potatoes are from Elora Ontario

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Author: Anita

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