Uncle Bill’ of Manitoba, Canada

This weekend, I will be Home Alone but that will not stop the back yard BBQ Event. On Saturday I will be heading out on my scooter to the local Farmer’s Markets to try and get some fresh Corn on the Cob {DON’T PEEK’} Just cut off the tip and take off the outside layer of cob and grill till the cobs are a light brown. Pull off the leaves and the angel hair as I call it comes with it. You can save the leaves for a handle. Get out that canola spray bottle and hit the corn and add just a touch of sea salt and a grind of fresh black pepper.
The main part of the meal will be some MANITOBA Baby Back Ribs slow – slow cooked in the smoker and finished with a light bourbon sauce on the gas grill some 4 hours later.
On the back of the grill shelf we will warm some locally made Korean Veggie Wraps from the Farmer’s Market and a foil pouch of Fresh spinach from our own garden.
For dessert I will be warming a slice of locally made Blueberry pie and topped off with a bit of Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream [if I get the energy]

Don’t forget – barbeque’n is not a seasonal thing, It just takes longer in January!

Uncle Bill’

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Author: Anita

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