Terry & Verenna Finlay of Ontario, Canada

Hi Anita, today we are having a Family BBQ. One of our sons is arriving for his first visit of the year.They are bringing our newest grandson 4 months old along with his 3 sisters.
Our BBQ menu is as follows
BBQ freshly caught (last night) Colpoys Bay, Wiarton Salmon (11 Ilbs) with Lemon &Butter & Dill
BBQ Small red potatoes from the local garden market
Lettuce salad from our garden with local green onions etc.
Local Green Beans
homemade bread
Homemade brownies,
hopefully topped with local strawberries
Served with some Pelee Island Wine

We are retired & living up in North Oliphant between Wiarton & Sauble Beach.
Thanks & I keep on pestering our local supermarket as to why they don’t have more local or Ontario products. It is a battle. Verenna Finlay

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Author: Anita

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