Suzanne Goyetche and family from “Saint John and Rothesay” New Brunswick

are preparing a traditional Maritime meal for “a small gathering of friends on the patio. Intimate gatherings with close friends where always our way of celebrating at home.” THe menu is Fresh Garden Hodge Podge with fresh cooked beets as a side dish, corn on the cob and blueberry grunt for dessert. She explained the dishes in a separate email. It read: “Good morning Anita: I heard your interview this morning on CBC Saint John, NB. and it had be dreaming of home when at this time of year and into August the fresh vegetables where getting ready to be eaten. Mom would prepare a Hodge Podge of vegetables, baby potatoes, fresh peas (which we had to shell), green beans and yellow beans, baby carrots, fresh beets (which always boiled over and made everything red). After all the vegetables where cooked in one pot and then drained fresh milk or cream was added with lots of butter, salt and pepper. (I know not all that healthy so I use 2 % milk and becel). Fresh corn was boiled and then the blueberry grunt prepared. Mom would cook the blueberries for about 10 minutes then add to the juice fat dough boys that would swell even larger as they stewed. The lid was put on the pot and we were warned not to lift the lid for 20 full minutes, but sometimes the dough boys would swell so large they would lift the lid and we would get blamed:). All of this was served picnic style outside if the weather was nice and in later years, we BBQ’d the corn in it’s husks along with home made biscuits to use to soak up the juices in the Hodge Podge. This is what I want to share with friends at my backyard BBQ.” The ingredient list: potatoes, peas, carrots, green and yellow beans and beets from local vegetable stand as well as the blueberries and corn when in season is the best but corn and berries are available most times.

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Author: Anita

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