Suz Dueck and Brent Petkau wrote collectively from the Northern Gulf Islands for a potluck:

The menu is pure coastal B.C. BBQ’d locally-fished Pink Salmon, variety of salads from Guld Island gardens, BBQ’d basil pesto / feta / oysters off of our beach lease. Friends call us to join them for an impromptu evening potluck at Shark Spit. When we pull up in our boat, most have already gathered and some one has started a fire below the high tide line. The aroma of roasting salmon wafts through the air. Greetings are exchanged and the kids run off to play. Our offering of oysters, still snug in their shells, is placed beside the fish on the grill. Once the oysters have reluctantly released their tight seal, they will be carefully pried open, generously slathered with sweet basil pesto, topped with goat feta and each perfect morsel left to simmer in its shell awhile longer. Away from the fire, the summer bounty from island gardens has already been spread on a faded sarong and as we settle in, wine and other bottles are opened, poured and shared. In the distance children shriek, in delight or perhaps in rage, but not incessant enough to draw adult concern. The evening is mellow with the ease of friends while we all await the feast to come.

Brent, who has dubbed himself The Oyster Man continues: I really don’t think a person has lived until they have at least tried a BBQ’d oyster. Live oysters are very easy to obtain almost anywhere in Canada these days. Wake up folks, the Oyster Revolution is happening. Once you source out a good fresh oyster, simply place them on to a medium to high heat, with the cup side of the oyster laid downside. Flat side of the oyster looking up at you. This keeps the “nectar or liquor” from leaking out. Though there are thousands of ways to dress up an oyster, (one recipe suggestion is that you leave them “undressed”) let me tell you about a simple recipe that always works for me. BBQ’d Oyster with DEVIL’S BUTTER. Take 1 cup of Butter 1 cup chopped Parsely (preferrably from your garden, damnit) 2 tbsp strong Dijon mustard (grainy) 4-6 tbsp Louisiana hot sauces or any other hot sauce for that matter 1 tbsp Lemon Juice Mix up the ingredients in the form of a BBQ sauce. After the oysters have been on the grill for a few minutes, pop off the top shell and put a teaspoon or two of the “DEVIL’s BUTTER” on to each oyster. Continue cooking until the oyster is…. ready to be placed into your mouth. 6 oysters is the recommended amount per person but hey, these little treats from the sea are so sinfully delicious….. they should be XXX-rated. If you are interested in summer time romance, plan for 12 oysters per person. Join the Oyster Revolution and be a part of a sustainable seafood SOLUTION.

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Author: Anita

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