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I just heard about the BBQ this morning on CBQ Radio Thunder Bay, Ontario. I am at Gammondale Farm Family Fun at the foot of Candy Mountain in the Slate River Valley, about 20 minutes south of Thunder Bay. My story about a great grilling party took place last weekend at a wedding reception. A young chef from the Cariboo Restaurant prepared a spectacular meal for 80 guests using local foods. Steven Lovisa and his crew, including Iain Arnold, did a magnificent job of preparing, grilling and displaying the food. Steve is off this September to Holland College in Charlottetoen PEI for more culinary training.There were several cold salads of greens and bean salad. The best was salad where the Rainbow trout was grilled, cooled and used in a salad; cubed new potatoes were grilled with other local vegies; skewered marinated chicken (2 kinds of marinade); skewers of bread, cherry tomatoes, red onions and fresh basil; homemade sausage grilled and served in homemade buns; the best were the grilled cheese sandwiches made with grated local Thunder Oak Gouda Cheese on stone oven baked Peasant bread. Everything was served in paper cones and eaten with chop sticks or fingers, or served on the skewers. Ice cream cones were served for dessert. What a wonderful fresh meal! Lots of wine and beer too!

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