Steve Adams


Steve Adams

Head Barbecue Chef

Team Cedar Grilling

2006/2007 Canadian BBQ Champions.

I would love to participate in the ‘Worlds Longest Barbecue’

I will be taking a break from competition style BBQ for the 1st time in a long, long time. I will be cooking on my boat at the cottage for a very quiet romantic evening with my wife. My wife deserves more than I can offer. There won’t be anything really special on the Q as it doesn’t matter just as long as I’m floating around in the boat sharing a special evening with my wife after 24 years. I will come up with something for 6:00 on August 4th but it will remain a surprise even for me until I hit the Markets on the Saturday morning. I do know that everything will be the freshest Canadian meat and produce that Muskoka has to offer.

Glad to participate!


Steve Adams

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Author: Anita

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