Stephanie Diamant & Philip Collman will be at home on their sheep-dairy farm.

Several events will come together this weekend at Milky Way farm. My dad turns 70 on Friday and 2 of my three sisters are here, one from Brussels, the other with her family from Ottawa. It’s a rare family event for us to share some of the local foods we grow on the farm and can buy from our neighbours.

To celebrate For the BBQ we’ll use mostly local ingredients and adapt family recipes from my dad’s Greek roots. We grow our own lamb, so this will be featured. A favourite recipe we use is a boned shoulder, cubed into kebabs and marinated in sheep milk yogourt (from our co-op) and fresh mint then BBQ’d on skewers. Green and yellow beans and new potatoes from local farms, pie from my neighbour from local Ontario fruits, corn on the cob from Ontario (it’s not ready here yet), Greek salad of fresh local tomatoes and cucumbers and our homemade sheep milk feta; A selection of some of our own sheep cheeses with bread from the market. I love this time of year for all the bounty of Ontario produce unrivalled anywhere! I love to keep it simple too-no need gussing-up all this wonderful tasting produce.

Lamb-milk, grain and grass fed from our own farm and butchered locally (Metheral Meats); Sheep cheeses-made here from our own sheep milk; Tomatoes and mint from our own garden; Sheep milk Yogourt-Ewenity dairy co-operative, (a small Ontario sheep dairy co-op); Beans, new potatoes, cucumbers, raspberries and pie from our fellow local vendors at the Creemore Farmers’ Market (Saturday mornings); Corn on the cob-southern Ontario via Lennox Farms, Shelburne.

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Author: Anita

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