Sandy Forbes of Ontario, Canada

Shortly after buying my first gas BBQ many years ago, I decided to BBQ one of my favourite meals: a roasted duck basted with lemon juice and white wine. This was meant to be an end of week romantic dinner on the back porch. I thought grilling it would be the best way to cook and baste it. All went well for the first 10 minutes until the fat began to drip on to the burner unit. Within minutes, I had flames shooting three feet up into the air. Fearing that the duck would be too burned to savour and that a fibreglass roof was covering the porch, I quickly lowered the burners and ran inside to grab some tin foil to place under the duck. This seemed to work for a few seconds until the fat finally created enough heat to melt the foil. That was the end of duck-al-la-BBQ for many years. Now I only roast duck with a rear rotisserie burner and a drip pan underneath…and even then, only occasionally.

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Author: Anita

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