Sandy Archibald

We are so fortunate to be living & farming in the rich agricultural area of Clarington/Durham Region! Shopping for my ingredients is very easy with the many farm markets, butcher shop, fish hatchery – even have a hydroponic greenhouse in our area. Appetizers will include local smoked trout with wasabi mayo (I know – Japanese horseradish isn’t very Canadian but it sure brings out the flavour in this local trout) & an array of cheeses from Empire Cheese Company – one of the few cheese co-operatives left, just a little east of us. The “main event” will be smoked ham with an apple butter mustard glaze & kielbossa medallions that have been marinated in our Apple Black Currant Wine. Both the ham & the kielbossa are from the butcher just 3 minutes down the road. Side dishes include tomato salad with an apple cider vinaigrette & crumbled apple black currant cheese, a warm potato salad (shows my Mennonite heritage) & we might just do some corn on the barbie too. As for dessert, people always look for something “appley” when they visit our orchard. So, this time it will be my latest creation, an apple black currant crisp with Kawartha Dairy ice cream on the side. Wines to compliment the meal & appetizers will be our “house wines” of apple & other fruit. What a great way to celebrate Canada’s resources. Thanks Anita, for the inspiration & support. Cheers Canada!

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Author: Anita

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