Sam Shaw

We’ll be barbequing in Southampton, Ontario tomorrow night with a few friends at the cottage. We love to buy and cook locally whenever possible and it’s really easy to eat well in this part of the province. Our menu is likely a beer can chicken or two made with fresh free range birds from our local butcher (the Southampton Meat Market), corn (also on the grill), green beans and maybe a potato salad all made from local produce bought from Highberry Farm on Hwy 21. Raspberries are in season and can be bought fresh picked and still warm from the sun at the farm. They also make a pretty mean raspberry pie so it will be a tough choice – but either way I am sure dessert will be berry focused.

And for the drinks – local beer from Creemore and my personal favourite the 10W30 ale brewed in Neustadt, Ontario. Wine will surely be from Niagara – a nice Gewurztraminer or Riesling.

Hmmmm. Is it Saturday yet?

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Author: Anita

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