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This year my family and I will be in Tisdale, SK celebrating my brother in law’s 40th birthday, and we have decided to have a little fun with it by using a few cookbooks from the 1940s to create the menu.

For guests we are cooking Sakatchewan bison and our own Red Angus natural beef burgers served on bakery bread from our home town bakery, Zoerb’s, that has been in the same place since my Dad was small.

For side dishes we have the timeless potato salad, macaroni salad, and bean salad. We will be serving home baked beans from a recipe book from my Gramma’s collection. Gramma is now 90, and until she was 85 or so she lived alone and cooked on a wood stove. She had an electric oven but didn’t care for the taste of the bread it produced. Whenever I smell a wood burning fire my mouth waters as I think of that bread.

We also came across a recipe for love apples that uses green tomatoes studded with a clove, skinned and boiled over three days, once a day in a simple syrup. Beside the recipe is written “excellent” so we hope it is!

The saskatoons are ready in the south and the blueberries are close in the north so when we meet, we hope to have those with the almost ubiquitous zucchini chocolate cake found on the praires in the summer. And it would not be the 1940s without a slice of matrimonial cake, so we have that on the menu too!

To finish it off we plan to get the kids involved and make rock salt ice cream from a recipe we found in one of those wonderful small town town cookbooks that recall the days of the Fall Supper where everyone pitched in and made their very best dish to take to the church dinner fundraiser.

To drink we have found a quirky little recipe for raspberry vinegar, and since we are lucky enough to live in Regina we will stop in to Bushwakkers to grab a keg of their internationally awarded beer to round out the options.

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Author: Anita

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