Rita Eidukas

The summmer just brings out the best flavours local food can be and we eat a lot of fresh fruits and veggies that are in season. We seem to get our fill while it’s here and then wait for the taste sensations for next year’s local crop. Today I’m starting from dessert, mom has made blueberry pie from berries the family hand picked. Since I’m from Essex County ON, sweet corn is on the roadside stands and will be the focus. I have not tried it on the BarBQ, but today will inspire me to do so. Grill some chicken, add local fresh peaches, sprinkle basil picked from the backyard, use this year’s apricot juice for moisture and add a splash of maple syrup (to emphasize the visual flag displayed) The bottle of Colio Wine, Harrow ON just went in the fridge. I’m glad I listened to the radio this morning, I’m ready for 6 PM tonight!

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Author: Anita

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