Richard Buck

We are residents of Guelph, Ontario – but on August 4, we will be camping at the provincial park called Craigleith, located on Georgian Bay near Collingwood and the Blue Mountains, Ontario, Canada.

Our menu consists of BBQ hot dogs (jumbo BBQ size) on a skewer with red peppers, corn on the cob and small new potatoes over an open fire. The key to doing this correctly is to pre-cook the potatoes for about 10 minutes – skin on, the corn on the cob we wrap in tin foil so it will not burn. The fire must be red hot coals only, no open flame and each person can also add an apple if they want dessert. The result is dinner on a stick which can be repeated as often as you want, depending on how hungry you are.

This year my wfe Barbara and I will be camping with our daughter Tiffany and 3 year old grand-daughter Dylan, whose 4th birthday is this month. Nothing like looking over the waters of a Canadian Fresh water lake, enjoying the basic simplicity of a Canadian BBQ with family! Richard

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Author: Anita

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