Rhonda Teitel-Payne

Five of us (Gaby, Alec, Amar, James and I) were at a cottage on Lake Huron this weekend. Saturday is a great day to have this event – the farmers’ market in Goderich, Ontario was in full swing! We found three colours of potatoes (purple, red and white) that we roasted with red onions and herbs from Gaby and Alec’s garden. Their garden also provided arugula, French sorrel, Swiss chard and tomatoes supplemented with more salad mix and carrots from the market. We also roasted local purple peppers and corn. Since we couldn’t decide whether to have pickerel or rainbow trout, we did both in foil with Alec’s herb butter. It all went down really well with some Chardonnay and Gewurztraminer from two organic wineries in Niagara – Malivoire & Featherstone. We could have had local peaches & blackberries for dessert, but we cheated and had ‘smores with grilled bananas instead. A tip of the hat to Caribana celebrations?

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Author: Anita

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