Rhonda McCarron of Nova Scotia, Canada

Year 6 and counting!!! A group of sheep, dairy and beef farmers from Antigonish and Guysborough Counties make the time to celebrate and enjoy our local bounty during each World’s Longest BBQ. This year our menu went full circle, back to the ingredients which brought us together in 2003…..

Appetizers of regional cheeses and St. Mary’s River Smokehouse salmon.

Angus and Limosin beef roasts, marinated and slowly roasted on the bbq
New, Annapolis Valley potatoes, mashed
Local turnip
Fresh green and yellow beans purchased fresh from the Antigonish Farmers Market

Regional wines

Inverness County blueberry pies

And a lot of laughs! Along with plans for our annual get together next August! Thanks Anita!!!

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Author: Anita

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