Reg Pelletier of Niagara Falls, Ontario

Well it’s not quite a party but it is the Canadian Open BBQ Championships being held in Barrie Ontario. Our team the BBQ Boyz out of Niagara Falls will be attempting to defent the Championships we won last year, wish us luck.

They will be serving: our beef entry will consist of a 12-14lb AAA beef brisket that has been rubbed with our own blend of herbs spices then marinated for 12 hrs. it will go on the smoker for about 14 hrs total with peach and oak wood smoke to flavour it. our on site judging plate will consist of the BBQ’d beef brisket, grilled new potatoes, grilled mushrooms, pickel fans and cornbread Niagara Falls IGA and the local farmers market

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Author: Anita

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