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I’ll be in Niagara tomorrow prepping for my mom’s wedding on Sunday – where of course there will be plenty of County wine served – in fact I delivered the Sandbanks Estate Vidal and Baco Noir when I was up there last week.

The Barleys Day Brewery just opened their new retail location today (on Hwy 33 between Picotn and Bloomfield) so I stopped by and picked up some of their Pale Ale to take for tomorrow’s BBQ.

I’ll make my famous organic greens, with cooked heirloom beets, Woolrich Herbed Goat Cheese and a Dijon shallot dressing. When I make this at home I use Vicki Emlaw’s veg. I am taking the balance of my share (my CSA share that is) to Niagara with me along with beets from Ed & Sandi Taylor’s Honeywagon Farms.

What’s a BBQ without Ontario beef? Lame. So there will be plenty of Ontario beef! What’s a BBQ without Slickers Ice Cream for dessert? Even lamer! So I’ll take some of that with me to.

I sense a culinary adventure in Niagara tomorrow when I set out to find what other goodies we can add to supper to celebrate Canada and the party to come on Sunday!

I am eagerly anticipating our 100% County meal on August 21st – the Harvestin’ the County Supper – where we will close down the Main Street of Milford to serve 500 a full grown County meal featuring beef from the PEC Cattlemen’s Association, veggies from various organic growers, local cheese, cider and more!

Remember folks – slow down, show your love and buy local!

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Author: Anita

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