One of the best stories so far comes from Saskatchewan’s Roxane Priddell

It’s my Uncle Butch’s 60th birthday party with 40 friends and family members in the backyard of their Saskatoon home. There will be home grown Saskatchewan Angus burgers, calico beans – cooked medley of beans in a homemade sauce, beet rolls – bread wrapped in beet leaves and simmered in cream, dill and onions, bean salad,,potato salad macaroni salad, Caesar salad, carrot cake and cream cheese frosting

The beef was raised in Qu’Appelle by my husband and his Dad. Nothing beats a true farm raised, no hormone added beef burger — except for the steak. The beet rolls were bought at the Farmers Market from a lady who drives in from Yorkton to sell her clay oven baked breads. Hands down some of the best available bread! Lots of garden fresh veggies are served in the salads. Raising it yourself or buying it in the farmer’s market makes sure you know it’s fresh and supports the local economy!

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Author: Anita

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