Nancy Hall, Allison and Dale Graham are REALLY partying in Owen Sound, Ontario.

Nancy and I will serve our daughter Allison and her friend Stephen from nearby Kilsyth, along the Marg and Cal Gillis and their daughter Saila, who visit each summer. Cal and I have been friends 52 year- since we were 5 year olds. He runs a restaurant on Baffin Island where his family lives in a small community you may know if you are a fan of the best Inuit carvers and printers from Cape Dorset. He is a monster at the BBQ and for the last few years has been taunting me to help build a huge, competition style smoker and start touring! We’re geezers in training and it’s on the To-Do list! I’m head of a Lodge of 110 people. The word may go out today to invite the boys and families~ but give me a few hours to get that organized. If that happens I’ll let you know.

Owen Sound, Grey and Bruce Counties are in the real-deal when it comes to beef production. I will be visiting our butcher, Kevin Soady-Easton who has the amazing ability to provide just the right cut of beef for our BBQ’s. Steak! Steak appetizers; bits of beef, prepared in a marinade of soy sauce, PEI sea salt, farmers market small onions, red pepper; Q’d on skewers. Steaks! Thick n’ juicy for this special occasion prepared in red wine we produce in the cellar, brown sugar; tomatoes that we grow sliced and sautee’d in white wine, also from our cellar. Hmmm. A salad- spinach and lettuce, julienne’d carrots, raspberries from the bush in the front yard, maple syrup from Simcoe County- balsamic vinegar, first press olive oil, a sprinkle of sea salt and that’s it! Dessert- of course, BBQ’d bits of pineapple and banana on skewers, served with 3 year old Pine River cheddar made in Ripley, over on the Lake Huron shore. Creemore beer in buckets of ice~brewed in Creemore Ontario-next door to us in Simcoe County; U-Brew from the U-Brew here in Owen Sound and a selection of wines from our cellar, finished be icewine- Vidal 1996- Hernder Estate Wines- St.Catharines Ontario.

Bruce County beef from Empire Meats- Durham run by our friend Kevin Soady-Easton. Cheese from Pine River Cheese in Ripley Tomoatoes, raspberries, red and white wine, from the house and yard. Maple Syrup from Collingwood. Onions, peppers from the local Owen Sound Farmers Market Ice Wine- Hernder Estate Wines St. Catharines. U-Brew Beer from Twin-County Brew run by a great guy Lucien who was one of the first people to open when Ontario reg’s made it possible! Propane from the local Co-op outlet…

mMMMmmmmm — Dale

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Author: Anita

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