Margaret Weeks of U.P.E.I. went kayaking!

Thunderous applause for another successful World’s Longest BBQ from a PEI perspective! We planned a ‘double whammy’ for August 5th – a BBQ in honour of the WLB and a kayaking expedition for our church ladies group. We were blessed with perfect weather, sausages done to a turn, and a magical water wonderland on the south shore of PEI. We originally planned to kayak and then relax over our outdoor feast, but because the tide was high at 6 p.m., we went with an early BBQ potluck followed by our two hour meander down the West River Our menu was very simple – sausages provided by the hostess and salads or desserts brought by everyone else. In good PEI tradition, we could have fed another dozen people ! We meticulously took everyone’s order for the kind of sausage preferred, and the chief cook arranged the assorted varieties carefully in rows on the BBQ by flavour… Within 5 minutes, other keen BBQers had managed to mix up all the kinds so we literally got ‘potluck’ for the kind of sausage that ended up on our plates. We were laughing too much to care.

Our salads contained the finest and freshest PEI garden ingredients found in abundance in August. Dessert was terrific with bumbleberry pie and a lemon-whip cream concoction. We paddled steadily for two hours during our time on the water, so were thankful to have our substantial meal as the starting point. We had a great day. We took a snap shot of us all around the BBQ…everyone was shouting “ANITA” as the camera clicked. We all looked so joyful.

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Author: Anita

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