Marg and Allison Weeks of Prince Edward Island, Canada

It’s the World’s Longest BQQ time again and we’re ready and waiting! This year we are hosting the ‘young people’ of the family – our daughter and her husband and several cousins. We’ll start by nibbling on a variety of local fresh veggies with dip, whipped up from PEI dairy sour cream and a flavourful spice blend from a local company called the Prince Edward Island Spice Merchants. The grill will hold marinated boneless pork, local sausages and foil roasted baby red potatoes coated in butter and garden dill. If there is room, we will roast corn on the cob. If not, it will come out of the steaming pot on the stove. A big salad of romaine and curly lettuce, fresh from our neighbours’s garden (they can’t keep up with their produce) will round out the main course. Dessert will be PEI raspberries slightly sweetened and dumped over biscuits with lots of whipped cream… PEI agricultural products all round. Congrats Anita for your energy and true Canadian spirit in helping us all celebrate bountiful locally grown food.

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Author: Anita

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