Louise Woltman

Today started with our annual summer trip down to the Lake Erie area for black currants and blueberries. I make jam from the black currants and freeze the blueberries to have for the rest of the year. In the car we happened to be listing to the CBC and were delighted to hear your interview.

This is such a delightful trip through the great farmlands of Ontario. We stopped first at a small farmer’s stand and purchased some corn and a bag of new potatoes. Heading home after our fruit purchases, we again stopped. But this time at another roadside stand we purchased cantaloupes, onions, melons and more corn; all freshly picked from his fields.

We have had very dry summer so far in southern Ontario and you can see the effects of this in the fields.

When we got home tonight, we cooked a supper of BBQ’d sausages made by our local butcher/deli along with the fresh corn, delicious new potatoes and had some cut up melon and blueberries for desert.

We should all take time to realize how blessed we are to live in a country such as ours and be proud to support our local farmers!

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Author: Anita

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