Leona Dombrowsky of Ontario, Canada

Once again, my family and I are happy to be participating in the World’s Longest BBQ. Every year, I embrace this as a wonderful opportunity to gather with my family and friends and enjoy the regional flavours of home – Tweed, Ontario.

My plan for this year is a backyard BBQ. We will fire up the grill early in the day and slowly cook some Ontario pork ribs that I will have picked up from the local butcher. While the ribs are cooking, I’ll prepare a variety of salads. I love fresh salads, especially in the summer.

This year, the salads will include a spring panzanella from the Foodland Ontario website with tomato, cucumber and onions. I will also serve up everyone’s favourite potato salad loaded with celery, green onions and fresh herbs. I always make a point of stopping by the local farmers’ markets to pick up what is fresh and in season. My meals are always a reflection of what is currently in season.

As usual, we will complete our meal with a variety of fresh fruit – peaches, cherries, berries and whatever else is fresh in the county. Sometimes a VQA icewine and mint will make its way into my fruit bowl for a really easy and decadent dessert.

I encourage everyone to seek out and enjoy what is fresh and local wherever they may live. You may be surprised by what is available and just how great those flavours really are.

Anita Stewart  responds:

Thank you so much for taking the time to join our collective party. Our growers here in Ontario can hold their own with any on earth!

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Author: Anita

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