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We will be celebrating the world’s longest BBQ at our family cottage in Tobermory. It is an annual event at the peak of the summer for our family.

Before heading up to the cottage, I will run out to our garden and pick a large basket of fresh purple beans. The kids think they are cool, because when I cook them, they turn green. I will also pick some lettuce and cucumbers for a fresh salad. On the drive up, I will stop at a local farm to pick up some fresh sweet corn. The key ingredient for our family barbecue will be a lovely veal roast.

We live on a dairy farm just outside of Listowel, and we raise veal for own use. We will be cooking a lovely veal roast that is very healthy low fat meat. The fresh beans, corn and green salad will round out our meal. For dessert, fresh Ontario peaches will be served with a dash of Peach Schnapps on them. An easy, healthy and perfect meal.

So, we are looking forward to our own…homegrown barbecue.


Lee Anne Andriessen

Editor-in-Chief, Open Magazine

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Author: Anita

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