La la la Lori of Manitoba, Canada

Our August long weekend will be spent at our family cottage on Lake Winnipeg. The trip is less than an hour from door to door. We will enjoy our lake front outdoor bar-b-que with friends and family.
The menu for our August holiday weekend will be made of many locally grown products,and a few added to reflect the flavours of Canada. A local organic vegetable market is opening today and it’s only steps away from my workplace . I love the idea of using and supporting the local farming community.
My menu for the weekend will include:
* Pork loin roast marinated in maple syrup, dry mustard and saskatoon berries. I picked these saskatoons last weekend and think this will compliment the pork quite nicely.
*A medley of roasted new potatoes with green string beans mixed with feta and sea salt. I have made this vegetable mixture many times and we love it. A wee sprinkling of balsamic also goes well with the potato mix..
* I plan to make a fresh green salad made from rocket and baby greens picked from my friend’s garden…Yum. I will add a few tiny tomatoes and a light vinaigrette of lemon juice , garlic maple syrup, salt and pepper.
+ One of my favourite ( and easiest) dessert recipes for using the locally grown strawberries which are so plentiful this year is a strawberry shortcake. The cake or rather large biscuit is laced with dark chocolate with the strawberries sandwiched between whipped cream and a chocolate sauce. Oh so yummy. This dessert is both tasty to the eye and the palette. At one of my parties, friends started eating it uncut from the center of the table.
Have a great bar-b-que everyone!

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Author: Anita

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