Kristin Beard of Toronto is having a feast!

My husband and I are going to enjoy a wonderful week at my family’s cottage south of Algonquin Park. It’s going to be us, the loons and other critters lurking about.

We’re going to grill some Albertan Angus steak that has been marinating in a lemon-ginger-red miso sauce. With this, I’ll be serving a cold sesame soba noodle salad and grilled bok choy. For dessert, I’m going to grill Ontario peaches and serve them on homemade grilled pound cake and top it all off with some ice cream, pralines and cream, I think.

The beef comes from a butcher shop in Little Italy, Toronto. The soba noodles and bok choy come from shops within Kensington Market. The ice cream comes from the wonderful Kawartha Dairy, near the cottage.

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Author: Anita

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