Kevin Safinuk from Regina

will be camping in South East Saskatchwan. Everything will be cooked over camping equipment(propane stove, Bar-B-Q)or an open fire.To start it off, mussels bought at the grocery store from PEI and cooked in a home made choke cherry wine sauce.Home made bison burgers, with the meat bought at a local butcher and cooked over the small Bar-B-Q. Seasoning is a family secret. The buns will be home made by our sister-in-law. Baked potatoes from a local vendor cooked over the fire pit.Fresh Tabor Corn, bought from one of the many fruit and vegetable trucks around. These are cooked in a pot over the fire.For dessert, each person has a choice of a berry mud pie. Two pieces of bread, with fruit filling in the middle (Saskatoon berry, strawberry and or chocolate sauce) cooked over the fire pit. For drinks, home made red wine for the adults and a fruit punch for the kids.Mussels, strawberries, fresh potatoes, bison meat, corn we buy off the vegatable carts or from at a local grocery store or vendor.

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Author: Anita

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