Kelly and the Great Gaggle of Goodwins of British Columbia, Canada

Allright, update.
I write this with a very content grin. Last night was epic, this morning the icing on the very local cake.
Working on the photos, but please let me brag!
Here on Salt Spring, so spoiled with access to great food. Our local farmers market is held every Saturday Am so finding fresh local was a no brainer. Myself and the other cooks involved walked around early developing our menu, it evolving at every new stand!
A part of Kelly sighed and mourned for some tasty Ontario pork, a treat from my youth. But baby, the salmon and produce here…not to mention the vineyards…All but one dish was concocted from items all from SSI, beef is next to impossible. So we chose some great Alberta, hormone free, yadda yadda meat and made some killer patties! Quinoa stuffed peppers, feta stuffed toms, jumble of all local veggies roasted over the coals…Bevvies include wine and brew form here on the rock and nods toward my home sweet home.
Sunday morning comes. My amazing husband, the great hunter/gatherer comes in with flats of local eggs and back bacon. Another great feast comes forth. I most likely don’t need food for another week!
I say again, No Place Like Home!
Our food history and identity is this. We are not lost and young when it comes to food culture. We have taken the best of what our pilgrime and native ancestors have given us and adapted them to fit the produce and game available. How more Canandian could an experience get?
What do you need?
Well..what do I have to work with?
Adapt, improvise, overcome.
What more could a gal want, eh?
cheers from the little rock,
have a good one.

Anita Stewart  responds:


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Author: Anita

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