Kelly and a Great Gaggle of Goodwins of British Columbia, Canada

Getting set to enjoy the incredible bounty that is Salt Spring Island! We are blessed here, having access to some magnificent food. Myself and my extended familiy(which includes friends) are planning a feast of epic proportions. We have among us several professional cooks, and a handful of prep experienced kids. The plan is to split the menu, letting us all flex and show off together. My own parts I have settled on , the others remain a mystery I look forward to greatly! We also have the decided advantage of the world famous Satutrday Market to gather the freshest local grub that very day.

Local heritage tomatoes hulled out and then stuffed with Moonstruck(local dairy) feta, local garlic and basil puree, smotherd in olive oil, lightly qeu’d. Wanna wrap them in procioutto but the veggies won’t let me..maybe I’ll do half!
Frittata with local organic eggs, zucchini, fresh herbs Local lamb bratwurst
Local, cruelty free chicken breast stuffed with roasted red peppers and Salt Spring goats cheese

And that’s just my input! There are three other voices to hear from!
Going to end up rolling home!
After I’ll be sure to post what all the others came up with.
Enjoy Canada, there’s no place like home!

Anita Stewart  responds:

Keep those posts coming!!!!

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Author: Anita

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