Joy Shinn

As our family has recently moved to Saskatoon, we’re in short supply of friends nearby so we will likely have a smaller family gathering this year. I also haven’t yet learned about all the wonderful (I’m sure) local offerings, although I did manage, weaving through the construction and road closings,to find the ‘new’ farmers market. I spent most of the time at the outside booth offerings of new potatoes, fresh herbs, raspberries, and much more, and have yet to even explore inside. I suspect our BBQ menu will feature potatoes in some form, being an ex-PEIslander, perhaps with fish this year, and finished with local raspberries – we like them as fresh as they come off the vine(e.g., from our backyard). HAPPY CANADA DAY2 to Anita and all fellow BBQers.

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Author: Anita

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