Joanne Coyle

We are having a family reunion this weekend and it will be such a pleasure to bbq together and be part of this great affirmation of our wonderful farmers and fishers. We will go to the neighbours’ corn field to pick fresh, sweet, corn each kernel bursting with flavour. I will make my weekly pilgrimage to the Waterloo market where I buy only from the growers and butchers of local food. What a wonderful summer pleasure! After zucchini soup creamed with blue cheese, a beautiful steak marinated in oil and wine seasoned with local rosemary and garlic, and lots of fresh veggies, we’ll finish with a pavlova made from farmfresh eggs and toppling with Niagara fruit. Most of all, we’ll think of people in other parts of the world who do not have our good fortune, wish our forces safely home soon, celebrate our farmers and our peaceful country, and delight in being together, watching our next generation charm us with their curiosity and joy. We are so blessed by our peace and safety and by our bountiful harvest. Thank you, Canada.

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Author: Anita

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