Joanne Cloutier from Longueuil, Québec wrote

:I am moving and I will have a going away party for my neighbours and friends. My party is a mix celebrating all the cultures in our Montreal South Shore neighbourhood. The menu? “Good friends – Neighbours I will really miss–Italian sausage: the absolute best meat and flavour for the best sausage around. -Shish Taouk Chicken: marinated in yogurt and garlic -Jamaican/Malaysian inspired chicken wings: jerk sauce and soya sauce marinade-Greek pork chops: Mountain grown Greek oregano, garlic and olive oil-Grilled salmon: Lemon juice and pepper crust -Rice, potato foil pockets, tomato and feta salad, tsaziki, grilled vegetables.-Fresh Québec strawberries and maple sugar crunch ice cream -homemade wine: my husband’s -molson beer:Rickards Red Where to buy them? Italian sausage: made from scratch by a Montreal butcher in an Axep grocery store corner Fletcher and Hochelaga Street in Montreal. A small pocket of Italian families live around there, come early as they go very fast -Shish Taouk chicken: From Al Challal a Middle Eastern grocery on Taschereau Blvd in Brossard -chicken wings: from Kim Phat a Chinese grocery also on Taschereau in Brossard -Salmon: a on Tascherau in Laprairie -Vegetables and fruits from the farmers market on St-Jean blvd in Lapraire

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Author: Anita

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