Joanne and Paul Harrison of Ontario, Canada

What a wonderful opportunity for a special BBQ and family dinner!

We live in Guelph and have just had our first two grandchildren: Jana Helen, born in Ottawa, June 18, to our daughter, Megan, and her husband, Asif; and Jack Alexander, born in Burlington, July 4, to our other daughter, Martha, and her husband, Sean. Our daughters and their babies will see each other for the first time since the arrival of the babies, this Saturday, August 2.

The BBQ is in Burlington. The food, prepared by us in Guelph, will incorporate recipes from my Grandmother, born in Harrow in Essex County. The local food is from Rowe Farm, the Guelph Market, With the Grain, and the Corn Stand.

Our dinner will include barbequed steak and rosemary chicken, devilled eggs with chive and Dijon mustard served on my Grandmother’s devilled egg plate, cucumbers marinated in a vinaigrette, new potato salad with dill, and decorated with radish roses, sliced Essex County tomatoes with fresh basil, peaches and cream corn, breads, and a seasonal fruit crisp with ice cream. To drink, we will enjoy Sleeman beer and Planet Bean coffee, both from Guelph, and Colio wine from Harrow.

The babies will both enjoy their ‘dinners’ a couple of hours after their moms enjoy theirs. We are really looking forward to having our expanded family together for the first time on Saturday.

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Author: Anita

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