Jean Innes and Miguel Jardim

This is going to be a long weekend with most of the family in Muskoka.

We’ll all be around the Jardim bbq on Browning Island.

We’ll eat early because that’s the way five-year-old Kenzie and Evan, who’s three, like it. Miguel and I have already bought all kinds of irregular-shaped veggies from roadside stalls in Centre Wellington, tomorrow we’ll buy tender corn from the Mennonite sisters at the Elora farmers market (and maybe some bunches of flowers?, and the rest will be a wonderful surprise – Karen and Ricardo will shop on way north.

After the younsters are settled, we’ll all sit out on the deck, revelling in the glorious view and toasting our good fortune with beer for some (here’s to the future), a glass of madeira (here’s to the past) for others.

Cheers! Jean

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Author: Anita

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