Jayne Simpson of British Columbia, Canada

BBQ Chicken breast drizzled with home made BC blueberry sauce and seasoned & grilled local vegetables, including BC hothouse red peppers, Portabellini mushrooms, yellow zucchini and baby new potatoes, all purchased from my local farm market or farm gate fruit stand. Accompaniment: Barefoot Merlot, a great BC wine, tastes like a $20 + bottle, costs $10! If anyone has room, I may stuff them with a bowl of sumptuous fresh raspberries from the berry farm along the lane, piled with whipped cream. And then we’ll be done for!

After dinner, we’ll stretch out or stuffed bellies on the wicker chairs on the front porch of my 1912 cottage, candles and lanterns all around and the faint sound of sheep bleeting from a nearby farm. We’ll nod a greeting to our neighbours as they take their evening stroll through the village and maybe invite one or two to join us in the task of finishing up the last of the wine.

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Author: Anita

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