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We live in Ridgetown, a small faming community in southwestern Ontario. As my wife and I are both involved in agriculture we work with producer everday and see the hard work and TLC that goes into Ontario grown produce. Because of this we make a habit 365 days a year of buying local produce. Be it picking and canning local tomatoes, bbqing sweet corn bought from a kids’ 4H summer plot, or picking up a basket of fresh raspberries or peaches at Cooper’s, a nearby fruit and vegetable farm, we have tried to instill on our boys (2&5) the benefits of buying local and being involved.

This year our menu was:

Slow smoked back ribs (from local pig, bought from a local butcher) with local maple syrup and bourbon bbq sauce.

Sweet corn bought at a local stand cooked in the husk on the bbq

Grilled cream cheese filled zucchini (from our own garden)

Cut up fresh local peaches and sugar (our boys favourite).

A bottle of Pelee Island Merlot (adults only)

Happy grilling!!

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