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I am writing from Ontario in the beautiful north rural area of Milton – Nassagaweya.

I learned about the WLB late, and as I had the day available, decided to have a potluck with the proviso that everything had to be locally grown. I found 12 friends also with the day free and they pitched in eagerly in the spirit of the occasion.

What a feast! We are not close to any water but we made use of our homegrown efforts as well as the ample bounty of the land provided by our farmers: We had wonderful Mennonite sausages and cabbage rolls from the St Jacobs area; homegrown vegetable salad of tomatoes, cucumbers and zuchini; homegrown grilled vegetables; homemade rolls made with local flour; locally grown green salad with homemade dressing; Ontario grown roast beef.

Here is a fabulous way to cook the roast beef: Start at 450f for one hour, then lower the temp to 160 and cook for the rest of the day – tender, great flavour, and great gravy.

The meal was accompanied by Ontario beer and wine. A homemade cake using that Ontario flour finished the meal along with some local cheeses. Tea and coffee were the only alien imports to our meal.

Next year I’m going to post this event on my own website to encourage more people to participate as a way of bringing the community together.

Congratulations, Anita, for giving us an excuse to use Ontario grown foods. We’re looking forward to 2008.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Thank you so much Jan. Next year we’ll be ready to start planning months before the event. I look forward to a very large Milton, Ontario contingent. Perhaps a challenge to other communities? A.S.

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Author: Anita

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