Jan Mowbray of Ontario, Canad

We will be a group of 25 – youngest 7, the oldest 81.
Preliminary menu – based on what’s available by Aug 2nd:
Cheese tray of Canadian cheeses
Beet and Feta cheese salad on a bed of young Romaine, with maple pecans and orange/balsamic dressing.
Crescent Rolls (homemade using local flour)
Leek salad
Roast meat – locally grown, most likely beef, on the rotisserie
Roasted young potatoes
Raspberry pie – raspberries picked at a local farm
Ontario wines throughout as well as beer from local micro brewery ,Nickel Brook.

Anita’s invention of the WLB is a brilliant idea – we need to support the farmers who feed us. We need to be proud of that fact and make the support tangible ALL THROUGH THE YEAR..

For myself I will not purchase produce grown outside Canada when its Canadian equivalent is available.

On the invitations to our guests, I have asked if they would like to purchase a FarmersFeedCities tee shirt to wear at our barbecue. A group picture will be taken of all those wearing the distinctive yellow tee shirts, and will form the basis of next year’s invitations.

A FarmersFeedCities sign will be proudly displayed at my gate as well.
Thanks, Anita, for the World’sLargest Barbecue – Canada Day 2!

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Author: Anita

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