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I had a wonderfully crisp, succulent pork back rib from Highland Farms. Ontario bred. Enough for two, just $7. This time I seared it over Quebec lump charcoal (maple), then wrapped in foil and grilled off the the heat, no flavourings for an hour or so. While it was finishing unwrapped with sauce (Ontario tomatoes, garlic, NFLD molasses with basil) I prepared fresh corn boiled on the grill, from Welch Farms, Scotland Ont. The ears were brought to the boil over the Weber Charcoal flames, so one fire worked for the complete dinner.

Charcoal braised tomato halves with basil, olive oil and garlic, from Pickering Produce,

completed the dinner, an everyone enjoyed. Flat Rock Riesling , Jordan, ON was the wine of choice, from the same day Vintages release.

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Author: Anita

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