James Millman of Nova Scotia, Canada

The main menu item this year is your preferred cut of Canadian Beef, which ever it may be. Also going to have some burgers on the grill to go with the ” soda pop” munchies later on. On the side there will be plenty of varities of salads from garden to potatoe.

We have a BBQ every summer and invite family and friends, and pray for the weather to hold for us! It start mid afternoon for the children to run around in sprinkler and pool and hopefully get all the energy out before bed time, because when evening comes around it’s fire time and I think we use to call it back in High School “Party Time”, correct me if I am wrong…lol.

Cheers to all and enjoy your BBQ

ps…not sure if there is one, but going to make the suggestion of a Facebook Group!!

Anita Stewart  responds:

Yes, there’s a Facebook group called Food Day Canada. You can even GOOGLE it because it’s ranking is climbing. YAY!

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Author: Anita

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